In 2017, I was elected to my local school board. Like most people who run for school board, I was compelled to give back to my community and believe education is the key to unlocking a better future. But I also ran because I knew we were failing too many kids and that those kids were too often kids of color, kids from poverty, and other kids our current system usually leaves behind. I ran to change things.

As a parent and former teacher with a career leading national education issues — I arrived feeling prepared. I was wrong.

Driving the change that can close the opportunity gap is hard work, and there isn’t a road map. When I looked around for policy support, a network and allies, I realized that little existed for board members like me. And surely others felt the same way.

And with that – the birth of School Board Partners: a network for education leaders - with a focus on leaders of color - who want to lead dramatic improvement from their seat on school board. We all know that if we want to make things better for kids — ALL kids — we need to cut through the red tape, support each other, and create and share the tools for change.

Join us,